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by Marketing MaskerAide •

4 Fun Things To Add To Your Holiday Bucket List

Image via Pinterest Now that your favourite holiday is here, let’s make the most of it and celebrate with cheer! Gather up your loved ones and put on your Santa hats together! We’ve listed 4 fun things you can add on your holiday bucket list this holiday season.   1. Bake and decorate cookies We love a home filled with the smell of fresh, warm cookies.    2. Donate old toys or clothes  The holiday season is all about giving and what better way to do it than by donating toys, clothes, and more to those in need.    3. Mask and chill  Who doesn’t love a clear skin during the holidays? What’s even better is you can achieve this healthy, glowing skin while sippin’ on your favourite hot chocolate! Check out our fun line collection for you and your friends to enjoy!    4. Go ice skating It’s colder out now and a lot of ice skating rinks are open. Whether you’re going to a romantic date or a fun-filled afternoon with your family and friends, ice skating is never a bad idea. Make new memories on ice!  Happy holidays everyone and we’ll see you next year!  Xo, MaskerAide