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Are You Using Sheet Masks Wrong?

 Image via GraziDaily  Who knew that it was possible to use a sheet mask wrong? Well, there are definitely some things you should avoid in order to get the most out of your mask - and we want to tell you what they are! Today we are sharing some of the do’s and don’ts of sheet masking:   FINDING THE RIGHT SHEET MASK FOR YOU DO: Be honest with your skin If you notice a specific skin concerns such as dryness, you should reach for a hydrating sheet mask. MaskerAide makes it easy to pick the perfect mask for you through the options on our website. Whether it’s oily skin or sensitive skin, we’ve got a mask for you!   Image via MamaMia   BEFORE APPLYING THE SHEET MASK DO: Remove any makeup and cleanse your skin Make sure your skin is clean in order for the sheet mask to nourish your skin. A go-to cleanser would be our all natural and vegan Let’s Face It cleansing stick that also removes makeup! It’s travel friendly and perfect to take with you anywhere you may need a quick cleanse.  DO:  Read the instructions!  Every sheet mask may have different instructions depending on the type of mask! Be sure to follow them to get the most out of your mask. For example, it’s a good idea to rub the packet of our bubble mask before you open it.  DON’T:  Apply to dirty skin! A sheet mask is not a cleanser, which means that before you apply the mask you should wash your face!   WHILE APPLYING THE SHEET MASK DO:  Carefully smooth out the sheet mask  Use a mirror while applying and avoid getting the mask into your eyes. Make sure to evenly spread out the mask over your face to ensure it stays on your face.  DO: Squeeze the serum out of the package Don’t waste any of the precious serum and apply any extra serum from the package to the rest of your body.   DON’T:  Leave the mask on too long!  Only leave the sheet mask on for the recommended amount of time the package outlines. The point of a sheet mask is to leave the skin feeling nourished and hydrated, but leaving the mask on too long can begin to dry up, draw out moisture, and vitamins from your skin.  Image via Uniqso   AFTER REMOVING THE SHEET MASK  DO: Pat in remaining serum   Be sure to pat the residue from the mask into your skin, neck, and rest of your body! Don’t let the valuable serum from the mask go to waste! DON’T:  Forget the rest of your skincare routine! Sheet masks are amazing, but they won’t replace the rest of your skincare routine! After using your mask make sure to follow up with the rest of your routine (moisturizer, essence, etc.) Hope this was helpful to all of you MaskerAide Babes! What mask are you planning to do tonight? Let us know in the comments! XX