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by Marketing MaskerAide •

The Benefits of Facial Icing

In recent months, the facial icing trend has made a fairly big splash on TikTok. Facial icing is exactly what it sounds like; you apply ice (preferably wrapped in a cloth) to parts of your face over a short period of time. This old remedy has made a comeback as users from all over the world try it out for themselves and share their experiences online. Though there is said to be no clinical research confirming the effects of this technique, many still swear by its benefits. So what exactly are the benefits of facial icing?   Reduces swelling, puffiness and inflammation   One of the major benefits of facial icing is it's ability to reduce swelling, puffiness and inflammation in the face. Though we probably already knew this from years of using ice (or sometimes a bag of frozen peas) to soothe childhood bruises, what is the actual science behind it? According to an article from Cleveland Clinic, the cold helps “drain excess fluids from the lymphatic system” (Facial icing: Is ice good for your face?, 2021). This can be helpful for reducing overall puffiness as well as reducing the appearance of under-eye bags.   Minimizes the appearance of pores   While the application of hot water on skin tends to open up pores, applying ice (and cold water in general) helps to close them. This reduces the visibility of said pores, giving your skin a smoother finish.   Wakes you up after a good night’s sleep   This isn’t necessarily a skin-related benefit, but a benefit nonetheless! Applying ice to your skin in the morning can really help energize you and get you out of that half-asleep state that most of us tend to be in for the first half-hour or so after waking up. Who doesn’t want to start their morning feeling refreshed and fully awake?   Leaves your skin with a healthy glow   Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror after being out on a cold day? Along with the reduced puffiness and minimized appearance of pores, your skin also seems to have a healthy glow and a nice rosy tint to it.   A cheap and simple technique ​​ This one is pretty self explanatory but…facial icing is super cheap! All you really need is an ice tray and a cloth to wrap the cubes in. Cost-wise, this remedy is basically risk free to test out for yourself.   What to be cautious of if you're planning on trying facial icing   Don’t directly apply the ice to your skin without using a cloth or some other sort or barrier to protect your skin from the extremly cold temperature. Icing should be done in moderation; one to three times each week is enough! Dedicate an ice tray to icing and wash it regularly. Icing may irritate sensitive or acne prone skin. If you are noticing any negative side-effects, stop using this remedy.   Xo Maskeraide   Facial icing: Is ice good for your face? Cleveland Clinic. (2021, October 5). Retrieved February 3, 2022, from Frothingham, S. (2019, November 22). Ice for face: Benefits of cold facials and how to do. Healthline. Retrieved February 2, 2022, from How to add icing to your skincare for unlimited beauty benefits. Forest Essentials. (2020, July 1). Retrieved February 2, 2022, from Kester, S. (2021, January 25). Washing your face with cold water: Is it beneficial? Healthline. Retrieved February 2, 2022, from