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All About: Gua Sha

by Marketing MaskerAide |

The Gua Sha stone has taken over Tik Tok and seemingly all other social media platforms as well. Videos of people using a Gua Sha stone in their skincare routine for a facial treatment have made an appearance on everyone's phones. But what is it? And what exactly does it do?


A Gua Sha stone is a tool used to massage your face for lymphatic drainage. The treatment is commonly used in East Asia and China. A Gua Sha massage can be used to treat muscle pain and muscle tightness through applying pressure with the stone in upwards stroking motions on different parts of your face.


Tension relief

Our face and neck can hold a lot of tension, but you can release that tension with the correct use of the Gua Sha stone! With pressure application to the face muscles, the Gua Sha tool can release tension that may be causing pain. By incorporating a Gua Sha stone into your skincare routine, you are relaxing your facial muscles which can in turn prevent and even fade expression lines over time.


Using the Gua Sha tool can be detoxifying through the manual movement of pressure, as it stimulates your lymphatic system. Organs then can work optimally to break up stagnation, flowing debris, and toxins. 

Natural Facelift

The way the Gua Sha stone is designed, the edges are crafted to lift, tighten, and sculpt the skin. The pressure and manual movement increases circulation of the blood flow leading to skin that is more plumped, lively, and youthful looking. Daily use can prevent signs of aging and dullness.

More benefits include:

  • Helps produce collagen
  • Brightens complexion
  • Sculpes facial muscles
  • Diminishes dark circles
  • Decrease puffiness
  • Glowing skin

Let us know on Instagram (@maskeraidebeauty) if you have used a Gua Sha, and what you think of it! We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Xo Maskeraide

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