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by Marketing MaskerAide •

The Difference Between Spotted & Spotted Nighttime!

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between our Spotted Anti-Blemish Patches and Spotted Nighttime Hydrocolloid Anti-Blemish Patches? WELL, we’re here to give you answers! Firstly, what are the benefits of anti-blemish patches? Anti-blemish patches are a low-maintenance and super convenient way to treat blemishes. They are designed to reduce redness, protect the blemish, diminish the sebum, and help to decrease inflammation around the area. Both of our patches include Salicylic Acid as the key ingredient, which is ideal for reducing the appearance of blemishes as quickly as possible! What makes Spotted special? Our original Spotted is a long-standing fan-fave from Maskeraide that is best known for its camouflage abilities. These patches minimize the appearance of blemishes invisibly, so that you can wear them anytime and anywhere. The thin material of the patch makes them indetectable on the skin, and you can even layer makeup on top of them! What makes Spotted Nighttime special? Our latest innovation, Spotted Nighttime, are Hydrocolloid Anti-Blemish patches that are designed to penetrate the affected area deeply. The thick cover of these patches have a powerful skin-clearing formula, which works its magic while you sleep. They’re also made with a super sticky adhesive, so that you can trust they’ll stay in place through nighttime tossing and turning!   So now we wonder, which Spotted are you picking up? We can’t choose- so we must pick both!   Xo Maskeraide