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Makeup Tips for Acne-Prone Skin

by Marketing MaskerAide |

Start by building a strong skincare routine

Keeping your skin clean, hydrated, and healthy with a solid skincare routine should always be a priority, whether you choose to sport a bare or made-up face. That being said, knowing how to properly take care of your skin becomes significantly more crucial when makeup is involved. It is important to thoroughly cleanse your skin both before and after wearing makeup to minimize the chances of acne flare-ups.

Make sure to clean all brushes and sponges regularly

Makeup application tools are essentially a breeding ground for bacteria as they collect a crazy amount of dirt and germs over time. Failing to sterilize your brushes and sponges on a regular basis results in the spread of this bacteria and can cause both an irritation of existing acne, and the production of new blemishes.

Try products that are specifically designed for acne-prone skin

As the skincare and beauty industries continue to advance, new products that are tailored to specific skin types are becoming increasingly more common, affordable, and easy to find. There are a variety of makeup products available on the market that are meant specifically for those who struggle with acne. Don’t be discouraged, however, if it takes a while to find something that works well with your skin - skincare isn’t one-size-fits-all, so you are bound to find products that affect you in different ways.

Introduce new products one at a time and always do patch tests

It is important to know how different products affect your skin before fully integrating them into your system. Introducing products into your makeup routine one at a time, allows you to observe how they interact with your skin without the interference of other products. Patch tests are also a great way to see the effects of products before using them in larger areas of your face and/or body.

Avoid leaving makeup on for long periods of time when possible

Giving your face an opportunity to breathe between the use of makeup is especially important when dealing with acne-prone skin. This is because when makeup is left on for large chunks of time, sweat and dirt that have accumulated throughout the day have a greater chance of clogging your pores and irritating your skin. Keeping your face bare whenever possible is always a good idea.


We hope these tips and tricks help, and thanks for reading!


 Xo Maskeraide


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