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Diving Into The Fountain of Youth

by Marketing MaskerAide |

Who wouldn’t want that youthful glow for life? From skincare to makeup, there is an abundance of products on the market containing anti-aging ingredients to slow down the appearance of the skins natural aging process. A few questions now arise. At what age should one begin using anti-aging products, and what are some ingredients to look out for when browsing the skincare isle? Let’s dive in and explore.

First and foremost, skin experts have noted that the natural aging process begins in our twenties, but many external factors can play a role on the level of severity. For example, smoking, sun exposure and bathing in high temperatures all significantly affect the skins aging process. The reduction of blood flow caused by smoking is proven to cause wrinkles, the UV rays projected by the sun damages the layers of our skin, and long exposure to hot water strips the skins moisture barrier and natural oils, resulting in rough, dry and itchy skin. Due to the natural aging process and various external factors, it is never too early to take precautionary measures to slow down the inevitable. Beginning to use anti-aging products before signs become visible is a good decision, and it is never too late to start!

So now that we know that addressing the progression of aging even before we see the signs is beneficial, let’s touch base on some ingredients that are game changers in the anti-aging game by looking at some Maskeraide products containing them.


I DON’T WANT TO GROW UP Firming Sheet Mask:

Maskeraide’s Firming Sheet Mask embodies the meaning of ‘Fountain of Youth’. Including ingredients such as hydrolyzed collagen and hydrolyzed elastin to strengthen skin by improving hydration and elasticity. They trap moisture to significantly condition the skin, and diminish fine lines. Talk about a major skin booster!


BUBBLE BUBBLE POP Pore Cleansing Bubble Mask:

How fun and cute is this bubble mask? Not only does it use the power of charcoal to pull impurities and toxins from the skin, it contains Spirulina that contains high levels of vitamin E and carotene to decrease inflammation and promote cell turnover for the prevention of premature skin-aging. Spirulina really helps to give a youthful complexion!


BEAUTY REST’ORE Nourishing Sheet Mask:

Now this mask is Sleeping Beauty approved, containing powerful anti-aging ingredients to leave skin silky, smooth and supple! It has shea butter that helps against fine lines and wrinkles, and both allantoin and adenosine to fight signs of aging.  Allantoin promotes new skin cell growth, and adenosine increases collagen synthesis to treat wrinkles. This nourishing mask also contains the popular ingredient hyaluronic acid, which alleviates dry skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and leaves skin looking plump and dewy!


ROSÉ ALL DAY Pore Refining Rose Gold Peel Off Mask:

Who doesn’t love a good rosé? This gorgeous mask not only looks pretty, but gives you the real royal treatment. Containing royal jelly extract to prevent redness and enable collagen production and promotion. By boosting the collagen process, you ultimately slow down the aging process.


Pineapple Brightening Jelly Mask:

The most perfect mask for an on-the-go summer! Why not pamper yourself with a mask containing pineapple, which is known for its high levels of antioxidants and vitamin C to provide the skin with nutrients! Pineapple is also a natural astringent, tightening skin in a matter of seconds. Niacinamide is also included in this mask, known to improve the firmness of skin and its elasticity. Talk about photo-perfect skin!



So don’t hesitate next time you’re shopping around to try some products with anti-aging benefits. It can never hurt to kick start your anti-aging skincare journey. Who knows, you many be thanking your future self!



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