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24 Karat Magic

by Marketing MaskerAide |

Gold, the luxury metal found in jewelry, coinage and the arts, is now making a dominant appearance in the beauty world! If you are anything like us, we initially thought that this was a major money-making tactic by the beauty industry. Could there really be a beneficial reason for the implementation of gold in skincare, other that the shear desire to indulge in the luxury? We instantly had to take to the internet to challenge our suspicions.

Traveling back to ancient history, it appears that there is record of Queen Cleopatra using gold as an ingredient in her skincare, along with the elite of Japan. Not only is gold gorgeous in appearance and has influential roots in royalty and ancient cultures, but it was discovered that it contains significant nourishing properties for the skin. It is both safe and non-irritating to wear, and has various benefits that enhance skincare formulas. These skincare benefits include:


Anti-Aging Properties and Boosting Collagen Production:

Addressing skin issues such as aging, gold is known to activate base cells and increase their turnover. The increase of cell turnover through the activation of base cells improves skin's elasticity and firmness that smooth out the appearance of wrinkles and ultimately slowing down the natural aging process.

Another way that gold improves skin elasticity and firmness is by acting as an inhibitor of the breakdown of collagen. In return, the skin can retain higher collagen levels, preventing the skin from sagging, remaining plump.


Combating Skin Damage:

Along with delaying the aging process, studies have shown that gold can protect the skin against environmental factors, such as the UV rays emitted by the sun, which are damaging and enhance the skin's signs of aging. Because gold is an antioxidant, it has the power to fight against free radicals.


Enhancement of Additional Ingredients: 

Gold has the capabilities to enhance the effectiveness of other ingredients in skincare products. It can help to further penetrate other active ingredients into the skin, providing better skincare results. 


Healing Properties and Soothing Blemishes:

Gold is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and healing mechanisms. Applying 24-karat gold directly to the skin relaxes the blood vessels, soothing sore spots and infections. Along with this, gold is also known help with acne! While performing as an anti-inflammatory, gold also acts as an antioxidant, which is ideal for those with sensitive, and acne-prone skin.

Gold in Maskeraide Beauty - Rosé All Day Pore Refining Rose Gold Peel off Mask:

Here at Maskeraide Beauty, our Rosé All Day peel off mask contains real 24 karat gold flakes to improve blood circulation, increase skin elasticity and kill bacteria that causes acne. Not only is this mask Instagram-worthy, but it also contains the healing power of gold to calm the skin.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to hop on the gold skincare trend? With so many benefits, I’s say you have nothing to lose!


Xo Maskeraide







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