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3 Ways Taking Care Of My Skin Helped My Body Image

by Marketing MaskerAide |

Hey Maskeraide beauties- Social Media and Marketing Intern here!

This week’s topic is all about how taking care of my skin helped me to develop a more positive body image. As you know, we’ve been in a pandemic for the past two years (ugh), and that has led me to feeling disconnected, isolated and let’s be real here, given me a full-on case of the blues. I’ve been finding it hard to make myself a priority, so I’ve made a list of three things I wanted to share with you that helped me to develop positive body image, by just taking care of my skin. 

Creating Routines

On days when you don’t feel like doing anything or being kind to yourself, it can be super hard to do things that make us feel good. Setting a routine in place to the point where it comes habitual helped me create structure and stability, even on my worst days. If taking care of my skin is all I can do for that day, I still count it as a win because small steps are still steps. 

The Worry Tornado 

I often find myself in a tornado of worrying and anxiety, and providing distractions that make me feel good about myself have helped tremendously with my ability to take focus away from the worry, and in turn reduce stress. The biggest thing that has helped distract me in a positive way has been taking care of my skin. I find that taking my time with my routine gets me in the zone, and by the end of a pampering session, my anxiety has eased considerably. 

Mood Booster 

Caring for my skin helped lift my mood, even if it was only five minutes a day. I saw a huge jump in positive feelings after making my skin health a daily ritual, and now I can’t imagine not taking care of it! One of my favourite mood boosters includes using a mask from Maskeraide’s signature line while reading a good book.

Your Feelings Are Valid 

There you have it Maskeraide beauties- three ways that taking care of my skin helped me have better body image and feel better about myself as a whole. We just want you to know that your feelings are valid, and that we’re here for you (and your skin!) 




Your skincare best friend  


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