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5 Reasons To Book A Facial Today

by Marketing MaskerAide |

5 Reasons To Book A Facial Today

Don’t you just hate it when you invest time and money into your skincare routine, but your skin just doesn’t care? How rude. Whether you are battling stress, seasonal changes, or are not sure where to start or what you are doing wrong, an appointment with your local esthetician might help. Here are our 5 reasons to book a facial today:


  1. Hands-on Analysis – At your appointment, an esthetician will interpret your own description of your skin type and concerns, critically and objectively examine your skin, and assess the appropriate steps for well-balanced facial skin. This includes detecting signs of dehydration, areas of excessive oil production, polluted pores, and much more.
  2. Extraction, but Make It Professional – We are looking at you, serial blackhead squeezers and whitehead poppers! During your facial, the esthetician will hygienically extract the “gunk” out of your pores with the least amount of discomfort, redness, and scarring. Similarly, they will employ appropriate methods of exfoliation, dirt- and oil-pulling, and hydrating boosting to ensure that professional cleanse and skincare re-start. 
  3. Hydration Overload – Speaking of hydration, it is no secret that it is the key to smooth and healthy skin. Thus, following extraction and deep exfoliation, expect the esthetitian to focus on hydration-boosting treatments - masks, essences, serums, etc. - to restore and seal in the moisture for plump and glowy skin.
  4. Stress Reduction – Stress itself can be the cause for unhealthy, dull, and irritated skin. While an elaborate at-home skincare routine is still a great form of self-care, having a professional massage masks, serums, oils, and moisturizers onto your face is simply next level luxury. Add aromatherapy, dim lighting, and soft running water sounds to the mix, and you will leave rejuvenated and relaxed – inside and out.
  5. Expert (and Honest!) Advice – On top of an esthetician’s education and training, they are as skincare-obsessed as their clients, if not more. So, they are always eager to share their knowledge. Thus, throughout your treatment, feel free to ask questions like what products should I be using for my skin type, what should I be focusing on this winter season, and what should I do to maintain the results of the facial at home? Expect an honest and expert response, as well as some trusted product recommendations.


Now that you know our favourite reasons for booking a facial and doing so regularly, what will be yours? Share with us below!


Xo Maskeraide

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