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AM or PM Exfoliation: Which is Better?

by Marketing MaskerAide |

AM or PM Exfoliation: Which is Better?


POV: You’ve done your research on the benefits of exfoliation and even picked out “the one.” You are ready to use it, but how do you fit it into your already busy routine? Do you do it in the morning? Or at night? Don’t stress, we at Maskeraide have got you covered.



Exfoliate in the AM if you…


  • Tend to get oily throughout the day – Scrubbing the dead skin cells away will expose a new layer of skin, which will welcome the absorption of pH-balancing toners and lightweight moisturisers much more efficiently.
  • Battle dullness – Stimulating blood flow by massaging a (physical) exfoliant onto your skin will leave you with a healthy and radiant glow – a glow that not even a morning PSL can achieve. This is also a great way to prepare your skin for an important day or one that requires a smooth canvas for a flawless makeup application.
  • Use harsher products at night – A complicated PM routine, or one that involves retinoids, acids, and other actives, warrants the scheduling of your weekly exfoliations for the AM. This will reduce the risk of damaging your moisture barrier, as would be the case in, for example, over-exfoliation (Click here to learn more about it, how to deal with it, and, most importantly, how to avoid it!).



Exfoliate in the PM if you…


  • Need a deeper cleanse – Even if you do not contour like a pro or “bake” like an influencer on a daily basis, you are still exposed to environmental stressors (e.g. air pollution, UV radiation, etc.) that can be missed by a PM cleanser alone. Take that extra, yet gentle, step by exfoliating any residue and removing the dead skin cells at the end of your day.
  • Want to truly reap the benefits of your PM routine – You spend all this time and money on an elaborate nighttime skincare routine, to only have the products ineffectively sit on the top layer of your skin. Help your products reach the deeper levels of the skin, and ultimately work better, by exfoliating after cleaning at night.
  • Have sensitive skin and are prone to redness - Temporary flushing is normal, even if the exfoliator is gentle. Give your skin time to recover overnight and wake up to a stress-free glow. Bonus points if you add a soothing and hydrating sheet mask, like our Nourishing Sheet Mask, to deeply moisturize and protect the fresh, new layer of skin.


Now, for the ultimate question, are you team PM or AM Exfoliation?


Tell us below!


Xo Maskeraide

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