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by Marketing MaskerAide •

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7 Zoom Meeting Makeup Routine Tips

Now that work, meetings and school classes have gone virtual, our skincare and makeup routines have definitely seen some changes! There’s no more need for a full face of makeup and instead we are left to explore morning routines that will help us appear more flawless and awake on video calls.  Whether you wear makeup or like to keep it au naturel, here are some tips we’re sure you’ll love. 1. All about skincare! An effective skin regimen has always been the most important step to any morning routine. If you want to look more effortlessly natural and glowing, it is important to take good care of your skin. Always apply your serums and daily moisturizer to give your skin a dewy finish. We also recommend applying our Pre Party Prep Sheet Mask to create a flawless base for your makeup routine. The best part- this can be done while you glance over your morning emails! 2. Use a light-weight foundation and/or concealer Unless your webcams are very high definition, laptop cameras are usually more forgiving when it comes to blemishes and dark spots. We recommend opting out your full coverage foundations and concealers for a lighter formula. A serum foundation or tinted moisturizer are perfect for an everyday makeup routine that’ll also  give the skin a more natural finish. Don’t forget to set your foundation and concealers with a long lasting translucent powder to keep that shine at bay! 3. Lots of bronzer Webcams usually tend to lose definition when it comes to your face’s natural contour lines. It can make your face appear more round and less defined. But no need to worry, bronzer and contouring will help fix this problem! We recommend following the natural contours of your face shape when using bronzer by applying it under your cheekbones, below your jaw line, and the top of your forehead. It will also help give you a Summer glow during these paler Winter months.  4. Blush / Highlighter to glow Blush and highlighter are your new best friends when it comes to Zoom meetings. A little bit can  go a long way! Using a blush and highlighter will help define your cheekbones and add some warmth to your complexion.  5. Define the brows Remember that your brows are meant to be sisters and not twins, but thankfully to webcam quality it won’t really matter. Fill in your brows with a light powder or pencil and remember to set them with a brow gel to help make them last through all those meetings! 6. Line the eyes and grab your mascara  Neutral eyeshadows usually won’t show up on camera, so make your eyes pop with bold eyeliner and mascara. If you really want a more awake look, try curling your lashes and lining your lower waterline with white eyeliner.  7. Hydrate those lips Unfortunately, dry lips will still appear on camera. To make your lips look full and moisturized, try using a gloss or lip oil. If you want your lips to look bigger, a little lip liner will do the trick.  Although, at the end of the day, makeup or not, you’re all still perfect to us! Stay beautiful friends! Xo, MaskerAide