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by MaskerAide Beauty |

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s an Instagram filter

Most of you have likely seen (and loled at) an “Instagram vs Reality” meme before. If you haven’t, the premise is this: two pictures of the same thing- the instagram picture being the perfect version, and the reality picture an absolute mess. These memes are everywhere, and are so funny, because of how much truth they hold.
Social Media is plastered with pictures of impossibly flawless and airbrushed photos. Such images have created unrealistic beauty standards, and stigmatization around those who fall short. With such an overwhelming amount of these false images, it’s easy to forget how beautiful imperfections can be.

What is skin positivity?
The #skinpositivity hashtag on social media is a means of combating these standards. Connecting through the use of this hashtag, people are revealing their bare, natural, imperfectly perfect skin. This movement is about self-love, confidence, and overcoming the shame that comes with having flaws. Acne, skin pigmentation, eczema, scarring, and birth marks are a few conditions that have been stigmatized within the social media sphere.

Why is this important?
Here at MaskerAide, skin positivity is very important to us. Our goal is to help you love your skin and care for it, so you don’t ever feel the need to cover it.

In order to prove this, we will proudly be participating in this movement through our new #SKINSTORY campaign. We want to use our platform to share our own personal skin stories, and urge you to do so as well. These stories will include personal experiences with skin insecurities, struggles, and trying to love the skin you’re in.  We know that for many, skin stories will provide relief in knowing you are not alone. Our goal is to encourage and celebrate diversity, authenticity, and positivity towards others and oneself.

If you want to contribute to our #SKINSTORY community, feel free to submit your #SKINSTORY here and follow the instructions on the form.

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