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10 Most Helpful Tutorials on YouTube

by MaskerAide Beauty |

Getting ready can be difficult, especially if you’re new to the whole beating your face to the gods era, that’s why this week we’re giving you 10 of the most helpful makeup tutorials on YouTube!


10. How to avoid cakey makeup & creasing concealer by Amanda Ensing (Click here)
When starting with the base of your makeup, Amanda teaches us that it not only starts with our foundation - it’s our skincare too! The moisturizer and primer we use prior to putting on our foundation truly makes a different on the longevity and “cakey-ness” of our face! Watch this to learn more on how to get a flawless looking face!

9. False Lashes: Do's and Don'ts For Beginners! (Click here)
False lashes have definitely become extremely popular in the beauty world and to meet the trend, we need to know how to apply these falsies! Laura Lee spills on how-to apply false lashes for seamlessly looking lashes.


8. How to Cover Dark Circles & Under Eye Bags (Click here)
We all suffer from long nights and our dark circles prove it! Watch this tutorial to learn all about colour correction and how-to cover up our darker circles and even help blur out the darkness over time!


7. A Complete Guide To Makeup Brushes (Click here)
We’re all about easy to follow how-to videos - this video teaches all about the tools we use to create our beautiful looks! This is a complete guide to which brushes are best for the area you are working on - from which brushes are proper for foundation to concealer to eyeshadow (it’s all we need!)


6. Top 5 Lazy Everyday Hairstyles: With puff quick, easy braids & up-do for medium long hair (Click here
A 2-in-1 how to for styling medium to long hair and caring for coloured hair is just what the doctor ordered! This video teaches us how to care for coloured hair - which products are best for avoiding brassy looking hair colour.

5. 10 Hair Tips Every Girl Should Know! (Click here
When it comes to making our hair look good - it starts with maintaining your hair’s health! From using too much product to over-styling our hair, Eman teaches us 10 hair tips that certainly change the feel and health of our hair!

4. 10 Feminine Hygiene Tips You NEED to Know (Click here
Lisette not only teaches us all we need to know on feminine hygiene, she also teaches us how to feel confident in our skin and how we can boost our self-esteem through our fem hygiene routines!


3. What to Wear When You Have Nothing to Wear! 11 Outfit Ideas (Click here)
When you think you have nothing to wear - Ally comes to the rescue and teaches us how to style our closet! She stresses the importance of having staple pieces so we can wear our trendy pieces more often!

2. How To Pose For Photos: 10 Easy Poses For Instagram (Click here)
Say Cheeesseee! In creating the perfect Instagram feed it’s important for us to know how to pose - Jenn teaches us how to look good in our photos, spilling 10 poses to boost your picture quality on IG.

1. How to Build Self-Confidence & Boost Self Esteem: My 5 Tips (Click here)
Learning to build your self-esteem and grow your confidence is a major tutorial we all need in our lives. It’s easy to compare yourself to others and grow weary and self-conscious, but the most important how-to is a how-to on loving yourself. Keep being you and let your light radiate!


Thanks for reading today, MaskerAide Babes!


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