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Pandemic Self Care: More Than Skin Deep

by Marketing MaskerAide |

During these times of the COVID-19 global pandemic, many of us are still working or attending school from home. When you’re not working or studying, it is crucial to take some time for self care! However, self care isn’t just drawing a bubble bath or watching your favorite movie. Doing something to take care of your mental wellness will help you be your best self, even after the pandemic ends.

1. Write in a journal

Journaling is useful for many reasons. It is a great way to self reflect, and can be very therapeutic. Getting your thoughts down on paper helps prevent rumination and can be a good stress reliever. Pick a cute journal and pen and get to writing!

2. Meditate

There are many benefits of meditation, including reduced cortisol levels and depression, as well as increased self awareness. It’s a free and simple way to take care of your mental health and only takes 10-20 minutes of your day. Tip: do a mask while you meditate, it’s a great way to multitask!

3. Take social media breaks

We love social media, but everyone needs a break sometimes. Social media can be overwhelming and draining at times, so if you find yourself feeling more anxious than amped about opening Instagram, take a break for a few days! 

4. Pick a physical activity that calms you

While there is nothing wrong with hitting the squat rack or running on the treadmill, these types of activities can raise cortisol levels, causing stress. If you’re looking for a way to stay active without getting your heart rate up, yoga, walking, and pilates can be great options, and they can all be done in or around your home for no cost!

5. Download a mental health app

Did you know you can access apps that can help you manage your mental health from home, for free? Some apps we love are MindShift, Calm, and Mood Path (all available on iOS or Android). 


Stay safe babes,

Xo Maskeraide


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