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Fall Skincare Must-Haves

by Marketing MaskerAide |

Fall is here and we couldn’t be more excited for cozy sweaters, Halloween movie marathons, and apple picking! However, there is one thing we don’t love about fall - the effect it has on our skin. The cold weather can cause dryness and irritation which is no bueno. 

Want to keep that summer glow year round? Read these tips from our team:

1. Use a mask

Face masks can help moisturize your skin! We recommend our Pineapple mask to brighten the skin, Beauty Restore to hydrate, and Sweet Retreat to bust dryness and bring in moisture. Use a mask 2 - 3 times a week for optimal results!

2. Moisturize

In between using one of our masks, you should always use a moisturizer in the AM and PM to lock in hydration. Pick a heavier one if you have dry skin or a lighter, gel based formula for oily skin. However, your whole body needs some TLC! Make sure to use body lotion once a day (preferably at night) or apply some of our mini masks like Sweet Retreat and Crystal Clear!

3. Drink Water

Water will keep you hydrated from the inside out. If you’re dehydrated, your skin will look dry and dull as a result, so drink up babes! Grab a cute pink water bottle to keep you motivated to fill your bottle multiple times a day.

4. Protect your lips

Lips are super vulnerable to cracking due to wind and cold temperatures. Skip the typical lip balm as it can be drying and use something heavier like petroleum jelly or an ointment. Also, using an SPF lip treatment can help prevent chapping as well, even in the fall (SPF year round is key!).

5. Exfoliate less

We love exfoliating, but in the colder months, your skin can’t tolerate it as well. Pick a moisturizing body wash instead and limit exfoliating your face and body to 1 or 2 times a week.


Thanks for reading today!

Xo, Maskeraide

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