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Benefits of Wash Off Masks

by Marketing MaskerAide |

Our wash off masks may have launched this past summer, but they are here to help your skin keep that summer glow into the colder months! While we love a good sheet mask, wash off masks have benefits of their own, too! We are going to break down all the benefits these masks have to offer and be sure to read until the end for a fun new trend we want you to try! 

1. Wash off masks provide powerful moisturization

Masks are able to go deeper than the top layer of your skin compared to regular moisturizers and toners, providing a deep and fast hydrating effect. We recommend our Pineapple mask for skin in need of moisture.


2. They can double as a cleanser

Use our Matcha mask for an extra cleansing boost by dampening your skin before applying and then massage in the mask! Make sure to rinse thoroughly.


3. The option to multi mask

Many of us have different skin types on each part of our face (oily t-zone and dry cheeks, for example), requiring skincare that can suit all of our needs! By using wash off masks, you can target individual areas with multiple masks depending on where you put them. Our Matcha mask is great for the t-zone, while our Pineapple mask will hydrate your cheeks.

Watch our team try this trend with our wash off masks here

Your skin is unique, so treat it that way with the right masks.

Xo, Maskeraide

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