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Halloween Makeup Looks

by Marketing MaskerAide |

It’s that time of year again - spooky season, aka, Halloween! However, this year, the holiday will be looking a little different due to social distancing guidelines in effect. Here are some fun Halloween makeup looks you can do to get in the spirit at home or for a video call with friends!

1. Clown

A classic Halloween look, with a twist! Get out your pink glitter, liquid liner, and eyeshadows to recreate this Pennywise inspired look.

2. Vampire

Another tried and true Halloween costume, vampires never go out of style! You can be creative with this look and customize it how you want it. Staples of a vampire makeup look are usually dark eye makeup, veins under the eyes (you can do this with lip liner, eyeliner, or eyeshadow), red lips, and blood near the mouth with either lipstick or makeup from a costume kit.

3. Mermaid

This one isn’t as hard as it looks! Take a pair of fishnet tights as your stencil for the scales and hold it against your face to get this look. Start by spraying setting spray and then tapping eyeshadow over the fishnets (if you don’t have spray, wet your eyeshadow brush instead). Layer on other colours and repeat the process until you get the desired effect. Do the rest of your makeup however you like, have fun with it!

4. Deer

Another popular look, this one is tried and true for a reason - it’s super easy! Dot some light colored makeup on your face and give yourself some bold contour. Line your eyes with black liner and drag it into the inner corner. Use black liner or eyeshadow to cover the tip of your nose and upper lip and voila!

5. Bunny

This is a cute way to spice up a bunny costume! Draw on your fur, whiskers, and lower lip with white costume makeup or a makeup crayon and add some pink makeup on your cheeks, nose, and upper lip. Use black makeup to add details to your upper lip and face. Go for a fun eyeshadow look to complete the look!

Happy Halloween babes,

Xo Maskeraide

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