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Make The Clock Reverse: 3 Easy Anti-Aging Tips for Your Skin

by MaskerAide Beauty |

You don’t want to end up like Mother Gothel begging for a magic flower or golden hair to make the clock reverse! That’s why taking anti-aging measures now is so important! Not sure where to start? We got you covered, babe! Here are three easy tips to make sure you won’t have to heal what has been hurt, change the fates' design or save what has been lost.

#1) Wear sunscreen

This one should be a no-brainer but always wear broad spectrum SPF on your face! Wearing sunscreen protects against UVA and UVB rays and UVA rays are known to cause premature skin aging - resulting in wrinkles, changes in skin texture, and uneven pigmentation. So slap on some SPF (remember this includes all seasons, not just summer) and enjoy the sunshine and keep your baby soft skin!

#2) Remove your makeup before bed

Most of us know to do this, but if you don’t, let us tell you: take your makeup off before bed! Keeping your makeup on overnight clogs (and stretches) your pores and over time causes collagen breakdown. If you’re in need of a new cleanser we recommend our Let’s Face It purifying cleansing stick as it takes off makeup and cleanses and balances all in one go. Easy!

#3) Stay hydrated

This tip can come in a couple forms; 1) Following the age-old beauty tip of drinking lots of water - doing this can help keep your skin looking fresh and plump. 2) Introduce moisture-retaining products to your skincare routine. Step up your masking game with our I Don’t Wanna Grow Up hydrating + firming sheet mask. This mask contains hydrolyzed collagen to helps give skin strength and elasticity, hydrolyzed elastin to diminish fine lines and brings out a youthful glow, vitamin E to improve barrier function of the skin and natural ylang-ylang oil for calming and promotion of cellular regeneration.

We hope you find these anti-aging tips easier than stealing a King & Queen’s sleeping baby out of her crib so you can use her magical and healing hair to keep you looking young and beautiful for all eternity!

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