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Top 5 Pink Places You Need To Visit in Toronto

by MaskerAide Beauty |

As we’re sure you’ve noticed, we all love pink here at MaskerAide. It’s cute, happy, pretty and most importantly fun! If you’re a fan of us, we’re sure you also love pink!

MaskerAide is made in Korea and designed in Toronto, Canada. With a team of pink loving Torontonians, we’ve done our fair share of exploring around the city and put together a list of our top 5 pink places you need to visit in Toronto!

Let us know which of these places you’ve stumbled upon or which ones you want to check out! Did we miss your favourite pink place in The Six? Let us know in the comments below.

Café Cancan (89 Harbord St)

Café Cancan is a beautiful french bistro full of colourful pastels, florals and flamingos that feels straight out of Alice in Wonderland.

This cozy spot is perfect for a girls brunch, coffee & eclairs with friends, or a romantic date night with your boo (the back half of the dining room is set up with "love-style seating," meaning guests sit next to one another. The owner acknowledges that this seating arrangement is generally frowned on at a lost of restaurants, “but here it’s encouraged. It kind of gives that sexy, French vibe to things.”)

Don’t forget to take an Instagram picture! Here’s some of our favourites for inspiration!


Cops (445 Adelaide St W)

Cops is a stripped-down, made simple, drip coffee and mini donut shop. This pink paradise in tucked on a side street at Adelaide and Spadina. The blush-coloured space features a select menu of one type of drip coffee and two donut options.

If you’re looking for an excuse to put your phone down and really catch up with friends, Cops is the perfect spot as this cafe has no wifi - that doesn’t mean you still can’t snap a cute shot to post on Instagram later!


Oretta (633 King St W)

Oretta is a go to spot for sophisticated but casual Italian dining, not to mention it is probably the prettiest Italian restaurant ever! This restaurant has beautiful pink and gold artistic walls, marble tables and adorable blue seating.

Oretta offers loads of delicious eats but our top choice is definitely the Margherita Pizza!

Don’t forgot to take a picture before you go, take inspo from some of these shots below.


LaduréYorkdale Mall (3401 Dufferin St)

Ladurée is a world-renowned French cafe, founded in Paris in 1862. Known for their macarons, Ladurée's Paris tea room is where the treat was invented! If you’re not familiar with macarons, they are two shells made from almond, egg and sugar adjoined by ganache filling in the middle.

This cafe is straight out of a little girl’s imagination! With shades of teal, pink, white and pistachio everywhere, Ladurée is basically a Barbie Dream House come to life.

Ladurée now takes reservations so book a table, grab your girls and order all the macarons you can eat! Oh and don’t forget to take some photos. Here are some of our favourites.


Crown Flora Studio (1233 Queen St W)

Who says Disney World is the only place with a famous pink wall? Crown Flora Studio is a multidisciplinary studio mainly focused on botanicals, terrariums and textile products.

Crown Flora makes and produces all of their products in our studio at 1233 Queen St W. This adorable little floral and succulent shop has the prettiest baby pink wall perfect for any summer Insta pic! Check out some of our faves.

We hope you enjoy all these pink places as much as we do!

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