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3 ways to make your skincare routine more fun

by MaskerAide Beauty |

The world of beauty is full of fun; cosmetics have fun seasonal trends with everything from lipstick to lashes, nail care has thousands of colours and designs to choose from and there are also endless colour and style options for your hair! Sadly, skincare and fun aren’t always concepts that tend to go hand in hand.

Here at MaskerAide though, we believe you should focus on the fun! We want to help you make your skincare routine more fun. After all, life shouldn't be so serious, but skincare should!

Today we are listing 3 ways to make your skincare routine way more fun:

1. Play fun musicMusic makes everything better! Why not put on your favourite tracks and have your own dance party while taking care of your skin? Looking for some fun tunes? We’ve got you covered!
We recommend either this Girls Night or Girls Night In (90s/00s) Jams : Volume 1 playlist

2. Invite your friends to join in on the fun - Invite your girls over! Make a whole night of it. You can make everyone’s favourite snacks, watch favourite movies and most importantly - get some masks on and treat your skin!

3. Do a fun face mask - At MaskerAide we’re all about focusing on the fun, which is why we have so many fun products! Our Fun Line face masks would be our top picks for making your skincare routine more fun!

Bubble Bubble Pop is our deep cleansing charcoal bubble sheet mask, this mask foams up creating a bubbly fun experience that’s sure to have you laughing!

Our Rose All Day rose gold peel off mask will give you a glow fit for a queen.

Or, if you’re going to make a girls night out of it why not go with our mini sheet masks! Crystal Clear and Sweet Retreat are both extremely hydrating mini masks that you can stick anywhere on your face that’s in need of some extra love! Plus they make for the perfect instagram opportunity.

Do you think skincare should be more fun? Let us know how you want to up the fun in your skincare routine!

Happy masking, babes!

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