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2020 TikTok Beauty Trends: Year in Review

by Marketing MaskerAide |

Like most people, I spent 95% of 2020 scrolling through my TikTok #foryoupage, trying to keep up with all of the different trends. From the renegade dance to homemade bagels, TikTok trends were made to try to keep people busy during quarantine. The beauty community did not lack participation in numerous beauty hacks and trends that helped pass the time spent indoors. Here are 3 TikTok beauty trends of 2020 in review:

Soap Brows

Woman with "fluffy" styled eyebrows

 All that is required for this look is a bar of soap (ideally Pears Transparent soap), an eyebrow spoolie, and some setting spray. Soap brows are meant to help you achieve an effortless, fluffy, model off-duty eyebrow style. The steps are also quite simple, just dampen the bar of soap with your setting spray, twirl your spoolie in the soap, and brush the product through your eyebrows. 

Review: I honestly did not expect them to turn out so well. My brows look groomed and “fluffy,” without being too stiff or laminated. They stayed put throughout the day, until I washed my face at night and they never felt crunchy. This is a great alternative to eyebrow gel and is more cost effective. I give this trend a 4/5 because having a bar of soap on your dresser gets a little messy.

Euphoria Makeup

Glitter makeup on women

 The amount of times that I have watched the first season of Euphoria is certainly becoming unhealthy. Between the makeup, glitter, and Nate Jacobs, it’s hard to keep your eyes off of the screen. The beauty community on TikTok began to recreate these eye catching looks using LOTS of glitter and gemstones which inspired me to recreate a Euphoria makeup look for my Halloween costume (that no one saw). This trend is easy to do and I hope leaving the house with a face covered in glitter becomes more mainstream. 

Review: Solid 5/5.

Hydrocolloid Bandages

Hydrocolloid bandages on woman's face

 Are people really covering their entire face in bandages? Yes. Yes they are. Started by TikTok user Shannon Bruno (@shannon.bruno), she suggested putting hydrocolloid bandages on blemishes overnight to help eliminate breakouts. This has proven to work and actually helps decrease inflammation. Unfortunately, this is not a long term solution and it is not the best for your skin to rip a bandaid off of it every morning. Fortunately, we can help fix this problem with our Spotted Anti-Blemish Patches that are made with Salicylic Acid and aren’t harsh on the skin.

Review: My rating for this trend is a 3/5 because ripping off multiple bandages on my face looks too painful for my sensitive skin.

Although 2020 was not the most enjoyable year, TikTok was able to keep people entertained and was able to get them to try out new beauty products and trends! I can’t wait to see the beauty trends that 2021 brings us! 







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