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Your 2021 Skin Horoscope

by Marketing MaskerAide |

My two favourite things in this world are skincare and astrology. With the new year ahead, there are so many unknowns! Love? Career Changes? New friendships? Don’t tell me...Breakouts?! Can my Zodiac sign possibly be the magic eight ball that reveals all of this? I suppose after all, it is written in the stars. 


Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. Aries is a fire sign which means that you are confident, passionate, and adventurous. This is the year to bring some new adventure into your life by starting a new skin care routine and trying new products. You might just find a new skin care of course. 


Taurus is an earth sign that is all about natural ingredients and neutral face products. They are known for being stubborn, and don’t enjoy stepping out of their comfort zone. This year ahead invites you to try different natural ingredients such as lavender or orange peel that will help benefit your skin because they are derived from the earth itself! Luckily for you, we use these two ingredients in our Nourishing and Brightening Sheet Masks! Tauruses love to pamper and take care of themselves, so this is your sign to take a self care day and do some grounding. 


Geminis are the first of the air signs, and they really love to invest in maintaining their appearance. With their strong interest in maintaining their youthful looks, his year is all about wearing SPF and moisturizing. Skin care is the gateway to the fountain of youth, and most importantly, do not forget your sunscreen!


Cancer, your hearts are too big for this world. Cancers are known for being loving and emotional people because they are a water sign. After having a good cry session, you might want to invest in products that de-puff your face and give you a natural fresh glow. We recommend investing in a jade roller and under eye patches to help de-puff your skin and to hide the fact that you spent all morning crying to the Mama Mia soundtrack. 


Leos are well known for being the centre of attention and loving anything that makes them sparkle. This is your year to try the newest skincare products and always be one step ahead of the game. We recommend products that help you stand out from the crowd and shine like the gem that you are, such as our Crystal Clear Mini Masks


Virgos are very analytical people and love to stick to routine. Their biggest pet peeves are being late and being disorganized. This is your year to invest in a better skin care set up (if you haven’t already colour coded all of your products). Try buying a mini fridge for your skin care products to keep them fresh, cool, and organized during this year's hot summer months. We also recommend doing a deep clean and throwing away any products that have past their expiry date. We know you will enjoy this one. 


Libras are socialites and love meeting new people. Everyone loves to be in a Libra’s presence, but Libras do tend to be overly critical of themselves. 2021 is all about self love for Libras, and we recommend lots and lots of face masks. Luckily we have a very diverse collection of face masks here at Maskeraide. Take some time for yourself and be your biggest supporter!


Scorpios are passionate people and make great friends. They love to try the newest trending products and make sure their skin is ALWAYS looking flawless. 2021 is all about discovering new products that will help maintain your perfect skin. Acne patches will become your new best friend because they let you directly target your blemishes and heal them overnight. A Scorpio loves to be perfect, and these patches will help you achieve that. We have just the product for you with our Spotted Acne Patches


Sagittariuses do not know when to take a break and relax. They are always on the go and they love to indulge in themselves. For 2021, we say you give into your indulgences and buy those high end face products that you deeply desire. Last year was hard and you deserve to treat yourself (even more than you already do). Spend some time to relax and invest some time and money into your skin care routine. 


Capricorns are very hard working and cautious individuals. This usually brings them great success in their lives because they will fight to rise to the top, and never give up. Capricorns usually have too many products in their skin care routine because they think that more products = more hard work. This is the year to cut back on some products in your skin care routine. The most important products in your routine are your cleanser, serums, moisturizer, SPF, and masks. Take some time to prioritize your new simplified routine.


Two adjectives come to mind when I think about the Aquarius sign: independent and unique. They love to go against the grain and use products that no one else has heard of. They’re all about standing out and being their own person. 2021 will bring lots of new and innovative skin care products that will help you wow your friends and get them asking you lots of questions about your routine. Don’t be afraid to try underground skin care products because you might just find a new gem. 


And last, but definitely not least of the Zodiac signs, are Pisces. One of the most creative signs of the Zodiac. Let's channel all of that creativity into your skin care routine for 2021. TikTok trends will be your calling because they’ll let you get creative with your skin care routine and think outside the box. Covering your face in hydrocolloid bandages? Sure, why not? Think of it as an art project. 




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