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Which MaskerAide Mask Is For You?

by MaskerAide Beauty |

Oh the wonderful world of face masks! There are so many different personalities in the world, it is difficult to pick which face mask is just right for you. Well you’re just in luck, because we have the inside scoop on which MaskerAide mask is perfect for you based on your personality.

For the Socialite: Rosé All Day Peel Off Mask
You enjoy the luxurious things in life, so your mask must be made of gold. You are attracted to anything lush and pink. You want a mask that is both glamorous and effective. Just like you, our Rosé All Day Peel Off Mask is all about lavishness. Rosé All Day will brighten your day and your skin, while visibly shrinking pores. It helps to refine and firm the look of skin as well as strip away impurities. Watch this mask reveal a luminous glow as it removes fine facial hairs. It’s the ultimate face mask for hopeless romantics who just want to lay back and enjoy a glass of wine. Better yet, this mask is made with real 24k gold flakes, giving it a super luxurious and pampered feeling. Did we mention that it comes with TWO masks - one for you and one for your love. Cheers!

For the Drama Queen: Detox Diva Hydrating Sheet Mask
You’re all about removing toxic people in your life, and toxins in your skin. You crave attention and need a mask that will radiate positive vibes. Protect yourself from frenemies and free-radicals with Detox Diva Hydrating Sheet Mask. Some may call you dramatic or a cry baby, but the joke is on them because this mask will leave you with skin as soft as a baby. Fit for a true queen, Detox Diva refreshes and recharges the skin so that you can keep up with appearances. It’s perfect for sloughing off dead skin and minimizing pores. It cleanses, exfoliates, and detoxifies the skin, pulling out impurities to reveal a radiant glow. Happy masking!

For the Holistic Healer: Crystal Clear Mini Sheet Masks
Just like crystals and gemstones, you have a great energy and are dedicated to the well-being of nature and your skin. You are all about self-care and have a relationship with nature. A mix of nature and glam is just what you need in a mask, so mini mask your way to healthy and glowing skin with our Crystal Clear Mini Sheet Masks. We know your body is sacred, so with 12 mini masks, you can place them all over your body to promote healthy skin. You can even mini mask and meditate. These mini masks will help keep your skin crystal clear by removing darks spots, dull skin and harsh acne scars. Namaste.

For the Party Animal: Pre Party Prep Hydrating Sheet Mask
You’re always the life of the party and know how to make a memorable entrance. Getting dolled up and going out with friends is what you live for. You need a mask that will prepare your skin for a night out on the town. You are most suited for a mask that treats uneven skin tones and is anti-inflammatory. Start your glam routine with Pre Party Prep Hydrating Sheet Mask. Reveal a brand new layer of skin, that is the perfect base for your makeup. Your skin will be brightened, primed, energized, and ready to take on the night. It’s time to celebrate healthy skin.

For the Sleeping Beauty: Beauty Rest’ore Hydrating Sheet Mask
You're a dreamer, and sleep is your middle name. You are always tired and can be a little lazy, but that’s okay! An oh-so convenient mask is just what you need, and what is more convenient than our Beauty Rest’ore Hydrating Sheet Mask? Any problems your skin faces, you can be sure to find a solution with this mask. Wear it before bed and awaken to beautiful, supple, and silky smooth skin. Beauty Rest’ore works to restore, regenerate and repair your skin. Sweet dreams.

 For the Sweet Tooth: Sweet Retreat Mini Sheet Masks
Self-control isn’t your forte, so a collection of mini masks is just what you need. Say goodbye to will power with a yummy cupcake and our Sweet Retreat Mini Sheet Masks. These masks will prevent moisture loss and and smooth the skin with vitamins C, A, B1, and B2. Treat yourself to healthy looking skin with these vanilla cupcake scented mini masks. Just be sure not to eat them!

For the Conversationalist: Bubble Bubble Pop Charcoal Sheet Mask
As an extrovert, you get along with everyone and always have something to say. You feel most comfortable when surrounded by a group and can’t stand being alone. You love striking up convos with strangers and have a large group of friends. Your positive attitude and bubbly personality makes you perfectly suited for our Bubble Bubble Pop Charcoal Sheet Mask. This tingly mask deep cleans pores and and purifies the skin. It brightens and detoxifies the skin with green tea, wheat extract, arugula, spirulina, ginko, broccoli extract and alfalfa while also reducing inflammation.

For the Grown Up: I Don’t Wanna Grow Up Hydrating Sheet Mask
You’re the ‘mom’ of your friend group. You’re always making sure everyone is safe and taken care of. You’re very mature for your age and are proud of it. But all that maturity comes with stress and can take a toll on your youthful skin. You are best suited for a mask that reduces signs of aging like our I Don’t Wanna Grow Up Hydrating Sheet Mask. This mask will reveal a luminous and youthful glow as it works to help lift, firm and soften fine lines.

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