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by Marketing MaskerAide •

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How to Have a Quarantine Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day 2021 may be a little different from previous years, but there are still a lot of fun ways to safely spend this holiday with your partner, your quarantine buddies or with yourself! Unfortunately, my quarantine buddies happen to be my parents this Valentine’s Day, which has led me to think of creative ways on how to spend it. 1. Order Dinner From Your Favourite Restaurant  My favourite part about Valentine’s Day is eating fancy meals and drinking fancy cocktails. This is a perfect day to treat yourself or your partner by picking up those meals that you’ve been craving from the restaurants that you’ve been missing. Channel your inner bartender and craft yourself a new cocktail to go with along your fancy dinner. 2. Make Some Pottery One thing that I have been obsessed with during quarantine is buying mounds of air drying clay and making my own pottery. This is a great way to reenact the pottery scene from the movie Ghost (featuring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze). The combination of pottery and Patrick Swayze are definitely enough to convince me to run to my nearest craft store and get creative! 3. Twist Some Candles I don’t know about your Pinterest board, but mine has been filled lately with pictures of candles bent and twisted in fun ways. It’s a super easy craft to do that will help add some mood lighting to your fancy dinner. All that is needed are a couple of stick candles and a bowl of hot water (but not boiling). Place your candles in the water for 15 minutes and after you will be able to bend them into whatever shape you desire. Voila! Now you have yourself a twisty candle that is totally trendy and totally romantic. 4.  Go For a Hike Sometimes it feels like going for a walk is the only way to get out of the house. A Valentine’s Day hike is a great way to get outside and create some new experiences with your partner or with yourself. Download a trail app and find some new hiking trails near you to explore. Don’t forget the hand warmers! 5. Have a Spa Day Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to practice self love. Everyone enjoys a nice spa day and some good pampering. After a long hike, you can light your freshly twisted candles and relax in a bubble bath. Take some time to do some face masks with our large selection of masks from our Signature and Fun line (which happen to be on sale on our website until February 14th). Treat yourself and your partner, and have a very happy Valentine’s Day! Xo, Maskeraide