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How to be Your Most Confident Self

by MaskerAide Beauty |

In this narcissistic generation, we often find ourselves measuring success and happiness in our likes and followers. Social media and technology have molded our way of thinking and have given us an inflated sense of self. But, what happens when we don’t get the number of likes we wanted or the amount of comments we ‘needed’? – well, we’re often left in a state of insecurity. We’re here to challenge this notion set by the Instagram baddies of this day and age and teach you how to move past insecurity.

Speaking Kindly to Yourself
What we often disregard is that we have the power to give our minds the right direction to think and feel the right way. Taking positive strides to change your mindset will in turn make you feel happier. Try taking a rational approach to each problem you face so are no longer feel like you’re debilitated by your fears/anxieties.


Don’t Let Failure Define You
“No one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as reality” – take every experience as a learning lesson. It is not our successes that define us, it is our resilience. I am a firm believer in that our failures are our successes in disguise. When we fail, what usually resonates are feelings of disappointment and insecurity; however, it’s our ability to break from the bounds of insecurity, that shape our character. Try putting yourself in vulnerable positions – apply for the job you want, DM that cute guy!

"In order to break out of your shell, you have to let go of past failures."

Break Hurtful Habits
When bad things happen to us, we often self-sabotage ourselves and force ourselves to believe that we are failures. Understanding how our habits work and breaking down in its components can help you reshape and eventually change them. Challenge yourself into being a disciplined person. Set goals for the month and dare yourself to meet them, you’ll be surprised by what you can achieve!

Forgive the Past
We’ve all been criticized by parents, partners, siblings, etc., what happens is we subconsciously internalize their words and allow them to feed to your insecurities and doubts. Try forgiving those who might’ve fed to your insecurities. It is important to recognize that they were most likely driven by their own insecurities. Remember that even though they behaved imperfectly, we all do.

Accept All of Yourself
🎶'Cause all of me Loves all of you Love your curves and all your edges All your perfect imperfections… 🎶 Like the words of John Legend, we have to look at all the parts of ourselves, the parts we like and the imperfect parts and send love to each part. See the parts you don’t like as the imperfect parts of you that need love.  Think of your body as a friend who is in need, who is flawed but also deserves love.

Embrace Non-comparison
This is hard to do especially in our Instagram-savvy society, we find ourselves comparing the lives of Instagram celebrities to our own and feel disappointed in our lives. Comparing yourself to others actually actively harms yourself. The key is shifting our mindset, finding the silver lining to all aspects of our lives! Be happy that they’re having fun, be joyful for their successes and remember that you are on a completely different path and embrace what your life has to offer.

Develop a Trust in Yourself
Start to believe that everything will be OK. Developing a trust that the moment will unfold, and all will be well. This develops over time by making small predictions about the moment and seeing if the prediction comes true.

Thanks for reading today!


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