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Beauty Tips that Should Never Go Ignored

by MaskerAide Beauty |

We’re all looking for a quick fix or secret to enhance our routines. For those of us that don’t have a 10-person glam squad, it’s we need some wisdom passed down once and awhile! Mastering the art of our beauty routines doesn’t have to be stressful, that’s why we’re here to help!

Below are 5 things that you might not have know and they will upgrade your beauty routine in the best way possible.


1. Coconut Oil
Since it’s craze in the beauty community – we can’t help keeping our hands off it! As a deep conditioner, it’s worth all the hype, however as a makeup remover… not so much. Coconut oil actually tends to clog our pores causing unwanted breakouts. Peace out, coconut oil.

2. Avoiding moisturizer if you have oily skin
Having oily skin doesn’t mean you should be afraid of moisturizers and oils. The reason you’re experiencing oily skin is because it’s extremely dehydrated, causing it to produce excess oil. The key is maintaining your skin’s pH level - that’s why it’s important to rebalance your skin with moisturizer.

3. Toothpaste + Pimples
We’ve all seen this beauty tip as teenagers… putting toothpaste on breakouts in hopes of ‘reducing the size’. Sorry to break it to you, but it’s useless! Don’t worry, we’ve found a great (way better) (a million times better) dupe. Try Spotted!, these clear miracle workers deliver continuous blemish fighting benefits, absorb excess oil and calm redness.


4. Juicing = Clear Complexion
The green wellness fad has brought us all to question our diet choices. It seems like common sense drinking green juice to clear your skin and detoxify your body. However, some juices contain high sugar contents causing you to OD on the sugar intake. To counteract this, try blending your juices at home for a cocktail of health!

5. Lemons and Brightening
As tweens, I think we’ve all done used lemon juice to brighten our locks during the summer. However, using lemons on your face to lighten hyperpigmentation should be avoided because the reaction from the sun causes inflammation and blistering, making you more susceptible to the sun! Stick to your SPF and protect your skin from those harmful UV rays!


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