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Why We Created Mini Masks

by Marketing MaskerAide |

Mini masks were a fun invention that our Product Development team created in order to offer a new and trendy way to do spot treatments. Dry spots are no fun to deal with, but we wanted to make a fun and effective way to handle them! Here at MaskerAide, we take skincare seriously, but want it to be a fun experience for you to enjoy.

With the rising trend of Snapchat and Instagram filters, our team thought that fun printed masks would be a great route to take. 

“We wanted these designs to be totally fun and Instagramable!” - Mikayla, marketing team.

Our PD team took the trend of “café hopping”, macarons and sweets to create our ultra-hydrating vanilla scented Sweet Retreat mini masks. The rise of crystal healing and precious gem collecting was an inspiration for our brightening and uber-relaxing lavender scented Crystal Clear formula. 

We coined the term “mini masks” for these products because they are fun, cute and make the perfect mini masking treatment!

To know which mini mask pack you should use for your skin type, here is some advice from our founder and skincare expert, Michelle Lee.

Sweet Retreat works to hydrate the skin thanks to moisturizing ingredients like ceramide and fig. Crystal Clear has pearl extract and niacinamide that are great for brightening the skin and helps to fight signs of aging.”

If you struggle with dryness, Sweet Retreat is a great pick for you.

If you suffer from dull/combination skin, Crystal Clear is right for you!

Mini masks can be used just about anywhere. Place them on your face, hands, arms, neck, etc. Whether we are working from home or at the office, our team members place mini masks on their hands while they work - a perfect way to multi-task! Pro tip: use a few at a time and transfer the remaining mini masks sheet to a ziplock bag to keep for your next use. 

How do you like to use your mini masks? We want to see! Use the hashtag #maskeraidebabe when you post about your next mini masking session!

Mini masks are currently 40% off until April 24th. Shop now!

Xo, MaskerAide 

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