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What To Put In Your Skin Care Fridge

by Marketing MaskerAide |

A skincare product fridge might sound a little over the top, but cooling your skincare products can actually help extend its effectiveness and avoid bacterial and fungal growth. Is it unnecessary to purchase a skincare fridge? They are super cute, but your kitchen fridge does the same trick! Just make sure to separate your skincare products in a different container. 


Here’s a list of beauty products that you should consider putting in your fridge:

  1.   Eye cream 

Cooling your eye creams quickly reduce puffiness under your eyes.

  1.   Facial Mists and Spray 

Using cold mists and sprays makes your skin feels more refreshing. 


  1.   Toners

Adding your toner in the fridge gives your skin an extra “umhp”, especially during the summer. Chilled toners also help reduce redness and de-puff your skin. 


  1.   Sheet Masks

Cool sheet masks are our favourite things during the summer, but be cautious during the winter and be on the lookout for how cold they can get. Pro tip: Take your sheet masks out of the fridge 2-3 minutes before applying on your skin, unless you want an intense cold surge!


  1.   Jade Rollers

For that extra boost of de-puffing magic! 

Would you want a skincare fridge? Do you already have one? Let us know your thoughts!

Xo, MaskerAide

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