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The Full Recap: Debunking the Kylie Skin Controversy

by Marketing MaskerAide |

Image via Kylie Jenner

What is Kylie Skin?

If you have not heard of Kylie’s new skin care line, you must have been living under a rock. On May 10th, our beloved self-made billionaire, Kylie Jenner announced that her business endeavours will expand into the skin care industry - launching Kylie Skin on May 22nd. Kylie’s skin care collection consists of: face wash, walnut scrub, toner, vitamin C serum, moisturizer, and eye cream. Her announcement and her Kylie Skin product marketing caused a ripple of controversy in the beauty industry. So, we here at MaskerAide want to help you find out more about the controversy to ensure that your skin care routine is safe and sound.

Image via Kylie Skin 

What is the Kylie Skin controversy?

This blog will cover three controversial topics:

1. The Walnut Face Scrub

The internet went nuts (get it?) when they found out about this scrub. Kylie claims that the scrub is gentle enough to use every day, a claim many people find hard to believe. In an NyPost article, a few dermatologists were questioned about the implications of using a walnut scrub, here are a few of their cautionary claims:
  • “Microtears” may result from overexposure to walnut shells, which are vulnerable to infection.
  • The walnut shells may contain sharp uneven edges which may be too harsh on the skin. 
Tweet via  @KylieSkin

2. The Fake Account

Post-launch, the Kylie Skin account shared customer reviews about their collection launch through an Instagram post captioned: “love reading everyone’s first impressions 💕." As usual, Followers were quick to notice that one of the twitter accounts seemed suspicious to say the least. A user pointed out that the Twitter account with handle @okaygracem is an allegedly fake account. According to the follower, the @okaygracem account was created May 25th (3 days after the launch) with a following count of 13 and follower count of 9. Since then, the account has been deleted!
Weird, right?

 3. Kylie’s Foaming Face Wash Demo

As you could probably tell, the internet does not let things go easily. The most recent Kylie Skin katastrophe is her foaming face wash tutorial. Bear with us. To promote her skin-care brand, Kylie filmed a 35-second video of her using the Kylie Skin face wash. Fans were quick to notice that Kylie washed her face within 10 seconds, which is a pretty short time for face wash. Then, Kylie used a white cloth to dry her skin and the cloth had foundation stains!
Image via HypeBae

What do we think?

Well, even with the controversial comments we previously mentioned the entire collection sold out on the day of launch. So, maybe the pros outweigh the cons. We have done a little digging and what we’ve found and it is: everyone’s skin is different and you don’t know how a skin care product will react until you try it. Yes, walnut is not a very popular ingredient but that does not necessarily mean its inherently bad. From what we’ve read, there are mixed reviews ranging from - ‘this is the best skin care routine’ to ‘my skin got inflamed from Kylie Skin.’ 
Check out these reviews that we found super relatable and informative:
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Thanks for reading today, babe!

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