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Can kids use face masks?

by Marketing MaskerAide |

Image via MLifestyle
With the importance of skincare in mind, some of our #MaskerAideMoms have been wondering if their kids can use face masks. This has been a frequently asked question since the launch of our Mini Masks last summer, and we are more than happy to answer it!
Skin is affected by age, stress level, eating habits, weather conditions etc. We have all been through a bad skin day, or what we like to call a BSD. We know we can avoid a BSD by becoming skin care gurus (duh) and developing good skin care habits!
We have a few thoughts that we would like to share on how good skin care habits can impact a child’s skin journey: 

1. Kids are more likely to Develop Skin Care Habits

Everyone has habits that they have developed over time such as: grabbing a morning coffee with exactly 55 ml of almond milk, taking a nap at exactly 6:03pm for no more than 45 mins and spending 10 minutes every morning and night on skin care. Well, imagine if you started your skin care habits earlier - at approximately 11 years old - skin care would be second nature and much easier to work into a routine.

2. Skin Care = Self Care

Another benefit of developing healthy skin care habits is the consistent self-care that children can carry into their adult lives. When they get older (and busier)  skin care will be their dedicated time to relax and focus on themselves.

3. Bonding Experience - Family Spa Days

Face masks are a fun way to bond with family members. Sharing quality time with your child can be made extra special with some of our skincare goodies. By setting up a spa day or having an evening of masks and movies, kids may feel rewarded for good behaviour. They’ll be encouraged to bond with parents, especially as they grow to be more independent individuals.

4. MaskerAide Face Mask Ingredients are Safe & Gentle  

At MaskerAide, we ensure that our face masks are safe to use. We pride ourselves in creating gentle masks that aim to nourish and care for your skin, leaving you comfortable and confident. We use many natural ingredients such as: aloe leaf, green tea, argan oil and orange peel oil just to name a few.

Image via The Salon Professional Academy

Final Thoughts:

It is fine to use face masks with children (10+) and we recommend moderate and careful usage, due to the sensitivity of a child’s skin. Many people do not know that skin is the largest human organ and we need to make sure that we care for it safely.
Kids, aged 10+, may generate interest in skin care especially as their skin is affected by other hormonal changes. Therefore, it is important to allow children to embark on their own skin care journey by trying different skincare products.
We love seeing mothers and daughters sharing our Mini Masks, and we want to see more from you, too! Share your masking sessions with us by tagging us @maskeraidebeauty on Instagram.
With that said: happy face masking, babes!

Image via BeautyNesia

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