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7 Reasons Why You Should Sheet Mask Once a Week

by Marketing MaskerAide |

Image via: Seoul Mamas

A sheet mask is quick, convenient, and an inexpensive way to bring the spa to you! Most sheet masks are designed specifically for an individual skin concern, which means you are sure to find one that is just right for you! There are endless reasons to incorporate a sheet mask into your weekly routine including MaskerAide’s seven reasons:

 1. Relaxation

Let’s face it, life can be hectic! Make sure to take time for yourself at least once a week to relax and de-stress from your long week. A sheet mask is a perfect way to take 10-15 minutes out of your busy schedule to treat yourself. 
Try our ‘Beauty Rest’ore’ mask for nourishing the skin. 

2. Preparation for Makeup


Image via healthocto

Is there anything better than a hydrated and fresh face before applying makeup? Didn’t think so! Smooth skin is the best for perfect makeup application. Sheet masks are a great way to quickly hydrate your face and ensure your makeup will look great all day long!

Try our ‘Pre Party Prep’ for bright & hydrated skin.

3. Glowy & Brightening


Image via Seoul Mamas

Glowy skin is all the rage these days! You can achieve a healthy looking glow from within by using a sheet mask once a week!

Try our ‘Crystal Clear’ mini masks for glowy and bright looking skin.

4. Anti-Aging


Image via Seoul Mamas 

A stressful week can result in premature wrinkles. Using a sheet mask in your weekly routine is a great preventative and proactive way to prevent future wrinkles and add a plump fill to any existing fine lines. 

Try our ‘I Don’t Wanna Grow Up’ mask for firming & softening lines. 

5. Deep Detoxify


Image via HerWorld

Hit the re-set button on the week and revive your skin with a deep detoxifying sheet mask. Remove the build-up of impurities that have resonated and feel refreshed for the week ahead! 

Try our ‘Detox Diva’ mask to detoxify the skin. 

6. Hydration

Image via Elite Daily

After a long week has your skin been left feeling dry, tight, or itchy? Using a sheet mask can provide deep hydration, which firms, plumps, and rejuvenates the appearance of the skin. Is there anything better than that?

Try our ‘Sweet Retreat’ mini masks for hydrated looking skin. 

7. Treat Acne

Image via Soeul Mamas

Who has the time or patience for acne? NOBODY! Be sure to include a sheet mask into your weekly routine to help with breakouts and prevent them from occurring. Look for sheet masks that contain ingredients such as salicylic acid and tea tree oil to treat your acne. 

Try our ‘Bubble Bubble Pop’ charcoal mask for a deep pore cleanse. 


Let us know in the comments below why you love sheet masks in your weekly skincare routine! 

Happy masking MaskerAide Babes! 


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