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12 Days Of Masking feat. our Marketing Intern!

by Marketing MaskerAide |

Hey! My name is Dorene and I am a marketing intern at MaskerAide Beauty. We love Christmas here at MaskerAide, so we thought how fitting would it be that we do a 12 days of masking challenge just in time for the holidays? 

I filmed clips during each day of my challenge and I am super excited to share what this 12 day challenge did for my skin! You can read my recap and also watch the vlog style video below:

Day 1 

Today I started with one of my favourite MaskerAide masks, Sweet Retreat. My skin gets dry patches during the winter and I am not here for it. Thank goodness mini masks have my back! I decided to do select spot treatments tonight to moisturize the dry areas of my face. I put the rest of the mini masks back in its package and have sealed it inside a ziplock bag to keep it from drying out. 

Day 2 

The mini masks worked SO well last night. I woke up with moisturized and glowing skin and I could feel how soft my skin was again! I hope I don’t jinx this. Although my face was looking better than yesterday, I did notice my hands were a little flaky when I got back home from work. Because the Sweet Retreat mini masks have hydrating formula, I decided to apply the leftover mini masks from last night on my hands while misting my indoor plants. Mini masks are great for multi-tasking!

Day 3 

I got back from work today, double cleansed my face and have noticed blackheads creeping on my nose. Yuck! I don’t always need blackhead extraction but I felt like my pores needed some tightening, so that’s why I opted for the Rosé All Day peel off mask tonight. I applied a thick layer on my T-zone and saved the rest for another night’s use.  

Day 4 

Because I only used Rosé All Day on my t-zone yesterday, I thought it would be a perfect time to exfoliate my skin without drying it. I’ve been trying to avoid physical scrubs and drying clay formulas on my face these days, so I used MaskerAide’s Detox Diva today. It was such a refreshing and cleansing mask to do after a long day!

Day 5 

I was in need of something to combat dark spots this night, so I went for Crystal Clear mini masks to help clarify the dark spots that have overstayed their welcome on my face. Because I am anemic, it normally is a struggle for me to clear the dark spots post inflammation. The gentle formula that Crystal Clear mini masks have is great, considering I don’t want harsh chemicals drying my skin while clarifying the dark spots on my face. 

(Almost there! Keep reading to find out how this challenged turned out and to know my favourite mask!)

Day 6 

Tis the season for dry, flaky hands! My hands felt super dry again, so I busted out the Sweet Retreat mini masks and applied it on my hands while at work. It truly was a great way to get work done while giving yourself a spa-like treatment. 

Day 7

I felt older than my age today (haha!). I used I Don’t Wanna Grow Up sheet mask to help spark that youthful essence in me. I even watched some Disney+ tonight to get me into a youthful mood!

Day 8 

I woke up with a fountain-of-youth-glow, no jokes! I realized that I still had another packet of Rosé All Day leftover from Day 3, so I decided to do that on my t-zone again! Did you know that Rosé All Day contains 2 rose gold peel-off mask packets? Awesome, right?

Day 9 

I might as well name this blog “Rosé All Week”, am I right? I did another masking session with the rose gold peel off and loved every minute of it!

Day 10 

Ah! The drying winter weather just doesn’t work well with my skin. Today I got stuck outside waiting for the bus on a cold Monday morning. It really took a beating on my lagged schedule, and my skin too! I got back home that night and noticed dry patches on my nose area. I used Beauty Rest’ore to deeply moisturize my skin. I will check in tomorrow!

Day 11

I touched my face soon after I woke up this morning and had NO signs of any dry patches! Yay! Tonight I used the Pre Party Prep mask to help treat my uneven skin tone and help reduce some of my dark spots once again. This mask has amazing skin-brightening benefits!

Day 12

OMG! This is my last log for this challenge. I got home and noticed my skin had gotten very oily. What better way to end this challenge than with a pore cleansing Charcoal Bubble mask (Bubble Bubble Pop)! It helped reduce sebum production on my skin and I instantly noticed a mattifying effect. 


And that's a wrap! It has been a fun journey and I am completely impressed with how my skin looks! I have sensitive skin, so I was a little hesitant to do this challenge at first. I'm glad I did, though! MaskerAide's masks have gentle formula and they are so fun to use. I truly enjoyed using the Rosé All Day peel-off mask. Because I have sensitive skin, I mostly applied it on my t-zone and basically used it as I would a nose strip. It stripped away impurities and gently uprooted fine facial hairs. Would I encourage 12 days of masking? For fun, sure why not?! It worked well for a sensitive skin like mine plus we have sheet mask bundles live on our website for you and your best friends to try out!

Watch my 12 days of masking vlog below:


Xo, MaskerAide

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