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10 Things You Can Do To Stay Busy At Home

by Marketing MaskerAide |

Whether you need something to do after your WFH day, or things to fill your entire day - we’ve got a list of MaskerAide Babe approved ideas!

  1. Create an at-home spa day (masks + nails)

Our top suggestion would be an at-home spa day (duh!). It’s a fun way to pamper yourself or get the whole family involved. Pass out the face masks and partner up to do manicures and bond over some much needed relaxation. It’s always fun to try new nail designs and we love to find our inspo on Pinterest.


2. Try a new makeup tutorial

This is the time for you to try out looks you might have been too shy to test out before a night out! Your skills will improve and by the next time you are able to hit the town again, you’ll be able to rock your glam look perfectly.


3. Do a self-timer photo shoot

After you test out your new makeup look, why don’t you set up a fun shot? Getting a quarantine IG photo ready is one of the best things to do on the weekends and self portraits can be so fun! Don’t forget to add a pink backdrop, lots of glitter and show off your personality in each take.

Image via Pinterest


4. Have a tea party

Tea is a very comforting beverage to sip on and why not make it a party by gathering your family around the table and enjoying some homemade baked goods and great conversation?


5. Create a new playlist and dance to it

Let music move you and get ready for a solo dance party - or even try to learn a new Tik Tok dance and post it for your friends to see!


6. Learn a new language

Duo Lingo must have so many downloads right now, as it’s such a perfect time to focus on learning something new, like a new language! What language have you always wanted to speak?

Image via Pinterest


7. Create a vision board

Use this quiet time to think of things you might not have had time to do before. That includes envisioning your life goals and desires! If you create a board, be sure to share and tag us @maskeraidebeauty.


8. Binge a show

Netflix or Disney+? Either one has great options for shows you can spend all day binging out binging out while wearing your favourite MaskerAide mask! 😉


9. Call/FaceTime your family and friends

We think Grandma would love to hear from you! Or hop on a House Party call with your best friends (and their friends!) it’s a great way to connect and stay social dring this physically distanced time. 


10. Do an at-home workout

It’s easy to get caught up in couch time, spending extra time sleeping and not getting much physical activity. Try going for a daily walk or even do 10 minute workouts in your home. There’s many videos you can watch online. We personally love Blogilates!

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