i've launched. get ready to get back to basics.

i'm here.
are you ready to get back to basics with me?

about me.

washbeautyco. is a Canadian eco skincare tool brand launched by sister company MaskerAide Inc., and will be Canada's first premier konjac sponge brand, one of the latest Asian skincare innovations to hit the North American beauty and skincare market the past few years.  Focused on getting 'back to basics' with clean + simple skincare, the washbeautyco. philosophy is simple:  simplify your skincare, in an eco, sustainable and quick way that is safe and healthy for your entire family.

what exactly is it?

Used in Asia (Korea, Japan) for many years the konjac sponge is the latest and hottest item to hit the North American beauty and skincare market since BB Cream.  The konjac sponge is an all-natural facial cleansing sponge that is super effective at deep cleansing, exfoliating and balancing your skin.  Everyone wants glowing, fresh and radiant skin, and the washbeautyco. konjac sponge is ideal for transforming your skin no matter how sensitive and no matter what age you are (yes, it's even safe for babies & children!). Because I'm super gentle and made of 100% all natural konjac root vegetable fibres, you don't have to worry about any harsh additives, fragrances and a long list of ingredients.  The konjac sponge has natural cleansing properties that suck up dirt, whiteheads, blackheads and excess oil on your skin without stripping your skin of essential moisture. Pretty awesome, right?

no batteries required.

By 'back to basics' I mean, literally back-to-basics.  No need for expensive skincare devices with batteries, chargers, electrical plugs or pricey replacement parts.  All you need is water.  And because you don't need cleanser to use me (although, you can use the smallest amount of your favourite cleanser if you wish), I am ready to cleanse and exfoliate you any time of day, wherever you are.  You know what else is great? I am 100% biodegradable, which means when it comes time to replace me, I can be put into your green bin or compost, reducing your footprint on our environment. Try doing that with other skincare tools & devices.

the #wbcolife.

A simpler life is a happier life - and feeling great about the products we use everyday with our families is important to washbeautyco.  Eco-living and simple skincare is part of a washbeautyco. lifestyle.  Because I am safe for the entire family and can easily travel wherever life takes you (the gym, business travel, a kid's slumber party, the cottage...), I'm a simple and positive change you can incorporate into your daily lives.  Sometimes it only takes the little things to make a difference, and I'm here to help.  My washbeautyco. social communities are a great way to share tips and ideas for a simpler, healthier and feel-good lifestyle!

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